One week down

I was going to write a whole long post about what this last week has been like for us. But I am too tired. So I am simply going to repeat what I put on social media.

This last week has been the most insane rollercoaster. But overwhelmingly, people have been kind and warm and joyful. Thank you, everyone who has embraced the full spirit of #wolfenoot. I think, with your help, we’re turning it into a beautiful force for good. <3

Thank you, all of you, for coming on this journey with me. Tomorrow, maybe, I’ll do a proper roundup.

I love you.


2 thoughts on “One week down

  1. I’ve been watching on Facebook. Wolfenoot has made my feed a much lovelier place to visit. It’s just what the world needs. More #snootboops !

  2. This is sweet! Maybe there could be gifts to the organizations that protect wolves, too!

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