Artist Announcement

We have finally done all we need to for me to be able to announce the artist for our The Wolfenoot Story book.

We had so many submissions, and it was really difficult to pick, but when I saw this young woman’s work and discovered she is only thirteen, I knew I had our artist.

Maria Roshto is a young artist hailing from Oregon. I loved the images her Mom sent us, but more than that, I loved the idea of giving an opportunity to a young artist to work with my young writer. Maria is working her heart out to get the illustrations done for the book under the guidance of The Patchwork Raven‘s designer Will Thompson. I really hope this is an extraordinary and positive experience for her.

She says: “I’ve been doing art since I could barely talk and I’m really excited for this project because I’m doing what I love for a career.”

Wolfenati, please embrace this bright young talent.

You can see her work on her (brand new) Facebook page.

But here’s a little teaser from the work she is doing for the book already.

wolfenoot story teaser

We are so excited to have Maria on board, and confident that with her we can produce a picture book that will be a delight for all celebrants of Wolfenoot everywhere. ❤

6 thoughts on “Artist Announcement

  1. Outstanding work! Congratulations. This is going to be a great book.


  2. A WOLFENOOT BOOK? Written and illustrated by cubs? How delightful!

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  3. I am beyond excited for this. Not only because I want to read this book, but because I love that this amazing new adventure is layed out for this young woman, and she has a giant Pack, to route for her.


  4. I think this wonderful.. I have taught my littles, whom are no longer little lol, how important caring for our 4 legged family members.. I look forward in promoting anyway needed to help these 2 pups grow and pass woofanoot around my neck of the woods. I am in West Virginia, USA. My grandaughter and son lives in Mass. Been telling them, and they plan on celebrating also.. Cant wait for the book to read to her. Ramona is 16 months old. Keep up the wonderful job you are doing!!


  5. Ed Maneval-Shaffer 12 November 2018 — 1:18 pm

    This is awesome! I’m so glad I stumbled across you!


  6. This is great! I have a strong science background and am happy to help with any science questions. I hope the book has plenty of information on the time in our hunter-gatherer past as the wolf was brought inside. I have info that might be useful, such as the emotionally touching fossil footprints which show that a child took their pet dog into a scary place over 25,000 years ago! Best – Jon


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