Wolfenoot Posters

EDIT: This is now closed. I will shortly draw the raffle/kindness winners and notify winners and once I have confirmation, I will make an announcement. ❤
Good morning, most excellent Wolfenati!

So, a couple of weeks back, we received a handful of these gorgeous Wolfenoot posters from The Bird Machine. We love them! And one will be mounted and go on our wall as soon as we get around to taking it to a framing place. 🙂 They are limited edition, numbered and signed.


But I have a few extras. After asking Jay over at The Bird Machine if he was okay with it, I have decided to use them to spread some good into the world.

There are three posters up for grabs. Each one will come with a note from the Wolfenoot Kid, and a thank you from me. And maybe something else depending on how creative we get. 😉 If you would like us (or only one of us) to sign the back, we will.

The first is up for auction. CURRENT HIGHEST BID: US$350

It’s going to be a semi-silent auction. A whisper auction. Here’s how it works.

  1. You send me an email with the subject “Bird Machine Auction” and your bid.
  2. At least once a day, I will update THIS POST with the highest bid. (And maybe announce it on other social media platforms, but to be sure check this post.)
  3. Highest bidder at midday on the 24th November NEW ZEALAND TIME gets the thing.

All money (apart from paying postage) will go the Wellington SPCA. They are the beneficiaries of our #Nohateonlysnootboops line over on RedBubble, but it hasn’t really made as much as I’d hoped, so I am hoping to bump that contribution with this.

The second is more like a raffle.

To enter:

  1. Please donate any amount of money to any dog or wolf based organisation/charity in the world.
  2. Screenshot your confirmation (blurring or cropping out any credit card details or addresses)
  3. Email it to us with your name and the subject line “Bird Machine Raffle”.

This closes at the same time as the auction above. We’ll get the kid to draw it, and I’ll let you know asap.

The third is about kindness.

Nominate someone you know who deserves a gorgeous thing because of something they do or work on that helps either children or animals.

Send me an email telling me about this person and why you think they should get the third poster. Please make sure you know how to get it to them. I’ll pick one of them.

Deadline for all three is midday NZ time on the 24th Nov. 

(Click here to see when this deadline is where you are)

2 thoughts on “Wolfenoot Posters

  1. Suzanne Winz Prisk 16 November 2018 — 12:00 pm

    Wolfenoot Loot! What a hoot. 🙂


  2. What historical figures are most interesting to you and why?


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