Wolfenoot Morning

Good morning Wolfenati,

It is 5am on Wolfenoot morning in New Zealand. My coffeepot is bubbling away, the cats are fed, and I just want to take a moment before the mayhem of the next 48 hours sets in.

About two months ago, I posted a thing my kid said on the internet. I have been doing this for as long as he has been saying things. I’m his Mom, and so I think he’s pretty great and cute and the stuff he says makes me laugh and fills me with amazement.

But this one tiny idea resonated and rippled across the world, and changed our lives and this piece of magic fell into my hands. I have done as much as I could to direct that magic well, to use this energy to foster kindness and to channel it into creating a force for good. It has definitely changed my life. I hope, in some ways, it has changed some of yours for the better too. <3

We are about to celebrate a holiday my child just made up along with thousands of people around the world. What I originally thought would be a whimsical day in the life of my family has become something bigger than us. Around the world, people are loving on their dogs, doing kind things for their humans, supporting charities and organisations for wolves.

We have two books in the works. We have raised hundreds of dollars for Wolf Park and the Wellington SPCA. I have interviews with two radio stations in two different countries lined up today. I have a list as long as my arm of things to research and check and look up and merch to add and stuff to do.

But for just this one moment, before all the craziness starts, I want to stop and say THANK YOU. Thank you to every single person who embraced this thing and fed your love and your support into this wave of kindness we have created. Thank you to my partner who has dealt with my panic attacks and my exhaustion and my frustration and all the things that go along with unexpected virality. Thanks to my beautiful little boy who has such a big heart and such an interesting mind who gave us this idea in the first place.

Thank YOU. Whoever you are. For coming on this ride.

Be kind. Be happy. Hug a child or a dog or whoever you love today.

Have a howly Wolfenoot.



28 thoughts on “Wolfenoot Morning

  1. Children can be magical beings. Thanks so much for supporting his whimsy. Happy thanksgiving from the US and Wolfenoot tomorrow.

  2. I’m in California. So it’s still Wolfenoot Eve here. So excited to know the first Wolfenoot has started! Soon it’ll be here too! **Snootboop!**

  3. Reblogged this on YumNoms and commented:
    November 23, 2018 – the first Wolfenoot holiday! ❤️

  4. We will be celebrating with our family and friends (furry and human) in Montreal, Canada. We intend it as a yearly tradition.
    So a big hello and lots of love from the other side of the world. Happy Wolfenoot everyone. Xo

  5. It’s Thanksgiving Day here in the U.S., and one of the things I am giving thanks for today is you, Jax, for sharing the beautiful creation of your son with the world, and for all the Wolfenati who have fed that spark so it grew to a flame. I look forward to my plans to celebrate Wolfenoot tomorrow, but the joy actually began on the day I stumbled across your post, and my heart has been warmed by the experience every day since. Much love and snootboops to you and your family!

    1. YES! Me, too! As a head-over-heels -all- thing- dog lover, I share in this excitement, warmth and ritual!!!

  6. Happy wolfenoot with blessings to you all from Wales in the UK 😊🐺❤️ still the eve before here but I love how this beautiful event has brought everyone together ✨
    I will be celebrating with my housewolf Max and son x
    Thank you for sharing with us 😊

  7. HI! It’s me, in Missouri, the kc strip is out thawing for tomorrow, and the 5 dogs are thrilled! I’m making a small, one egg cake to celebrate the full moon, especially since it’s supposed to rain all day and night tomorrow. Looking so forward to having our first Woolfenoot and many more to come! Small presents for the doggos…

  8. Joyous Wolfenoot! It’s not til tomorrow here in the United States, but I am ready to celebrate it. As today is Thanksgiving here, I have sauteed up the giblets to give to my pack for their Wolfenoot roast meat tomorrow and will be hiding their cookies in the morning. The humans will have leftover roast turkey with all the sides and will have cupcakes decorated with the full moon. Thank you to Wolfekid for giving us adults permission to play in such a fun way to celebrate the canines that we have always loved!

  9. It still is a whimsical day in the life of your family. It’s just that your family turned out to be a WHOLE lot bigger than you realised! Thanks for having us all along for the ride – here in the UK on Wolfenoot eve, with housewolf Finn and son Morgan, who loves dogs and wolves and regularly howls at the moon, so Wolfenoot is the perfect festival. Howly Wolfenoot to you all 🐺 x

  10. Waiting excitedly in the uk for our turn with the day!! Have an amazing day in new zealand! Its like the great wolf is racing through the sky bringing wolfenoot to each country in the world in turn!! Yay! Bringing all languages, countries and peoples together to unite!!

  11. Hurray for Wolfenoot! Have a good one everyone!

  12. It’s not quite the 23rd where I’m at, but nonetheless, I look forward to celebrating Wolfenoot to some capacity or another.

  13. It’s wolfenoot Eve here! Making our cake now!

  14. Melissa Demarest 23 November 2018 — 2:30 pm

    Getting prepared for our first Wolfenoot. Yeaaaaa for SnootBoops we have been practicing all week.

  15. In Virginia, we are all ready and set for Wolfenoot. My two Wolfie Huskies are honored to share this whimsical day with your family along with everyone across the globe. It’s a cold 27 degrees here with the moon shining bright..

  16. Happy Wolfenoot from Perth, Australia!

  17. Still the eve here on the Pacific Coast of the US, and though my family and I are still recovering from turkey overload from Thanksgiving, we have steaks at the ready, many goodies for the furry children, and even something special for our son on behalf of his kindness to pups and wolves wherever they may be. Thank you for letting us share in what will be a beloved tradition in this canid-loving family! And it beats the heck out of the bustle of Black Friday nonsense.

  18. Thank you for sharing your son’s whimsy with the rest of us. Your post found me when I desperately needed something innocent, and pure. I immediately started making plans for a Wolfenoot party. There are currently 15 people and 7 dogs going to be in attendance. Thank you and please give your son, and yourself a great big hug from Southern California ❤️🐶❤️🐶

  19. A happy and beautiful Wolfenoot to you from St. Louis, MO, USA~ We have selected a tender meat to roast, a small moon-cake, and our fluffy Husky will be loved on all day long (as if that’s not normal for him 😂). We first saw your holiday on Facebook and have been planning to make it real for us ever since! Hopefully next year we can make it a bigger party. Have a glorious #Wolfenoot!! ❤

  20. Happy Wolfenoot from Brisbane, Australia. We celebrated tonight with roasted meats and a wolfy spirit!!! We intend to celebrate this every year! I applaud the wonder of your child and I am proud to celebrate and even taught it to the colleagues at my school. Happy Snootboops!!!

  21. Howly Wolfenoot everybody!

  22. Happy Wolfenoot from the UK my boys have moon cake for after dinner xxxxx hope your son is enjoying his day xxxxx

  23. Happy Wolfenoot to all the Wolfenati and their paws and claws. Oklahoma, USA celebrating the anniversary of the Death of the Great Wolf today and we are upholding all the fine traditions of roast beast, full-moon cake, and many surprises around the house for our Arctic Wolf rescue, two malamutes, and their human counterparts. Thank you for making the world a better place and snootboops to your pack from ours!

  24. Happy Wolfenoot. You’re raising a good human.

  25. Wolf CrescentWalker 24 November 2018 — 12:11 pm

    It’s 6 PM in Ohio, USA as the sun has gone down on Wolfenoot night. I hid an envelope with gift certificates for a car wash and a cup of decaf and a pastry in our microwave last night, knowing my dog-loving, animal-rescuing mom would be up before me to have her daily cup of tea. First words I heard today were “Thank you!” We are planning pork chops for Wolfenoot supper, and I’m torn between a buttermilk pancake or a microwave mug cake for the moon dessert. Whichever, we’re going out howling tonight (and run errands in ther moonlight). Thank your son for me for Wolfenoot. This is way better than Black Friday!

  26. This is something I just learned about (on the day!), but my family and I are thrilled to participate in the first ever Wolfenoot. Blessed Wolfenoot to all! I’m making moon cake tonight. 😀

  27. So my friends, and I are nerds. We play D&D and we LARP. We had been planning to start a new game. We all decided to do it on wolfenoot, and add it into the world we live in. My party of adventures all met in a town that was celebrating this amazing holiday. I as, an Undine Bard, had been hired to perform. I was singing and making beautiful wolves made of water. The season ended with us meeting a giant white wolf, a snow maiden, and a werebear. One of our players is a classically trained chef as well, and he made so many roasted meats. Thank you, and your son for, not only giving us a beautiful way to start our campaign, but also for bringing the world together in one of the most amazing ways. This holiday made the world love. It’s caused the world to open up, lok at itself, and smile. The main focus may have been wolves and dogs, but it created something so much bigger. May you and your family have the best life, and luck.

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