Happy 2019!

Hello, beautiful humans!

2019 has dawned and I have made it home from my gallavanting around the countryside visiting family and friends, and am now in the process of getting my feet back under me to make 2019 a productive and amazing year. A big part of that has been doing some work on the future of Wolfenoot. I have some things to share!


The Wolfenoot Story is still up for preorder. It is in its last stages of design production and we are hoping to get it to the printer by the end of January. I will be basing my print run quite strongly on preorders, especially the deluxe book, so if it is something you covet and you can preorder, please consider doing so.

The deluxe book will be casebound, hand stitched, with grey endpapers. It will be signed by both me and the pup himself. It will come with a handwritten note from me, and possibly some kind of doodle by the pup, if I can get him to sit still long enough. 😉 We are also working on creating an exclusive signed print by Maria Roshto that will only be available with the deluxe book.  It’s going to be a beautiful thing, and I am very excited about it.

The Commemorative book is still in its early stages, so it will be a while still. I’m not going to say too much about this yet, except that if you have any images of your Wolfenoot celebrations from last year, or Wolfenoot related art or writing that you would like to be included in this publication, please email it to wolfenootofficial@gmail.com.


I am constantly working on more merch, and will soon be revamping the merch section of the website. I have a list of suggestions from you and am gradually working through them but, as you can probably imagine, it is quite time-consuming, so I noodle at it when I have time between all my other commitments.

Keep an eye on the website, though, for changes to the Wolfeloot section. I hope to keep growing it, and helping even more charities and organisations.

Also, take a look at the Wolfeloot Extended section. If you are creating and selling something Wolfenoot related, and following my instructions there, please do send me a link, so that I can include your work.


One of my major focusses for the early months of this year will be to make sure that the people supporting me on my Patreon get some special patron only perks. This whole phenomenon takes up a lot of my time, and this is the only place where you can really support that time. At the moment, all it really does is help me cover administrative costs (postage, etc), but it would make a huge difference to my life if the Patreon could become big enough to help support me financially as recompense for the time I pour into this.

I don’t ever expect to make millions from this, and if that was my goal, I would have gone about it quite differently and not given all the merch money away. 😉 But it would be amazing for this to become something resembling an actual job for me. At the moment, the best bet for that is Patreon. If everyone in Wolfenoot Central became a $1 Patron, I could pretty much make this my job, and have enough left over to turn Wolfenoot into an official charitable organisation. And how cool would that be? 😀

Patron perks:

  • At the moment, patrons get first dibs on asking questions for our occasional Conversations with the Wolfenoot Kid podcast.
  • I am offering handwritten notes to patrons who send me their postal addresses. I have some very pretty stationery on its way, and a wax seal stamp, and some beautiful ink, so this won’t just be a scrawled on a notepad thing. 😉
  • When the pup gets home, I am going to record him reading The Wolfenoot Story and post it as a patron only post in the Patreon. This means that patrons will get an exclusive preview of the story, read by the kid himself.

And that’s just the start. 😉

If you are enjoying what I am doing with this, please do consider supporting me, even if it is only a dollar a month. There are a lot of you – that adds up!

New Projects

I have a couple of new Wolfenoot projects in the works, which I will be announcing over the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye on the website and our social media.


In the meantime, it is only 319 days till Wolfenoot!


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