The Golden Paw

Let me tell you a story.

The Kid’s Dad lives a good 4 hour drive away, and every couple of weekends, we meet him halfway so the kid can spend the weekend with him. This means he and I spend a lot of time in a car together, and we have many conversations about all sorts of things.

A while ago he was telling me about how one of the Spirit of the Wolf’s pug-helpers has magical golden paws, and he leaves golden pawprints in the homes of people who have been especially wonderful in that year. He wanted to incorporate that into the Wolfenoot tradition.

I had been pondering the best way to make Wolfenoot a real force for good and to spread the love to more organisations. My initial thought was to have something like an “organisation of the month”, but I was concerned about fundraising fatigue, both for myself (fundraising is really very exhausting) and for the community (no one wants to be constantly hit up for cash, even for Very Good Causes).

And so between us, we came up with the Golden Paw.

Fundraising Frenzy

In the two months leading up to Wolfenoot, we are going to have a Fundraising Frenzy. We are going to focus all our fundraising efforts onto the months of October and November, culminating with the Wolfenoot celebration on the 23rd. This will include auctions for one of a kind merch, new merch releases, special fund-goals with rewards, and whatever else we can come up with.

We will then divide whatever we raise between a smallish group of organisations which will change each year. Last year we put most of our love into Wolf Park, but there are so many deserving organisations out there that we really want to spread the love around a bit more this year.

But how to choose these organisations?

That brings us to the Golden Paw.

The Golden Paw

At the beginning of each month between now and September, we will select ONE deserving recipient of the (hopefully soon to be) much coveted Golden Paw Award. This will be one human, somewhere in the world, who is doing excellent work with either wolves, dogs, conservation or children. (Best case: some kind of combo of those.)

They will be declared the Golden Paw Recipient, and will receive a Wolfenoot pack from us, including a hand painted Golden Paw Print created by the pup himself. They will then have the honour of choosing one of our recipient organisations for our Frenzy. It can be the organisation they work for if that is somewhere that is a non-profit. Or it can be any organisation they simply want to give their support (and by extension, the support of this community).

If you know someone you think is deserving of The Golden Paw, please NOMINATE THEM HERE.

This will give us SIX Golden Paw recipients by the beginning of September, and six organisations to focus our funding efforts on this Wolfenoot season.

My hope is that this will give us a bit more focus and the ability to do real good in the world. I also hope that this will give you the opportunity to look around you and notice the people making a quiet difference who deserve recognition for the work they do.

3 thoughts on “The Golden Paw

  1. These are all fabulous ideas. This has been an amazing story so far and I hope the ride continues to be fun for you and the pup.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I would love to nominate Tia Torres from the Vialobos Pit Bull Rescue🐶💗


    1. Please follow the link in the post to nominate people so I have all the info I need in one place. 🙂 Thanks!


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