May Update

Hello beautiful Wolfenati!

I have finally managed to lift my head and take a breath after getting (almost) all the books out. There is still so much going on, so I want to do an update to make sure you haven’t missed out on any of it!

The Wolfenoot Story

I have the very last few books, most recently ordered, sitting on my coffee table in the lounge, all packaged up and ready to go. Once I have managed to get them to a post office, I will up to date!

That means that, if you’re the impatient type, this is a good time to order yourself a book! Because there’s no backlog.

Every deluxe book comes signed by me and the Kid. There is a numbered limited edition print by Maria, a bookmark, and a little personalised letter from me.

Those of you who have been patiently waiting for an electronic copy, that is still on my radar. I’m hoping to get a pdf up here on the website soon. Please bear with me. I haven’t forgotten about you.

Don’t forget that if you are a patron, you can hear the Kid read it over at our Patreon.

The Golden Paw

I’m still waiting for some info from my April recipient so that I can do a write up for her, but I have just picked my May recipient and emailed them, so hopefully I will get to announce them both really soon! Remember that you can keep nominating anyone you know who is doing great work in their community with canines or children (or both!).

More info on The Golden Paw can be found here.


I’ve upgraded the Patreon a bit, so that there are some higher tier rewards. You can get mail from us every month! I’ve been getting the Kid to draw a Wolfenoot related picture and turn it into postcards that go out to Patrons each month. We also have a kind of subscription box model, where you can get Wolfeloot sent to you each month.

But even if you can’t afford those higher level tiers, I cannot express enough how much every single $1 and $3 patron means to me and how much it adds up. This patreon allows me to spend a lot more time on Wolfenoot related things than I otherwise would be able to and supports our administrative costs. As I am starting to think about Wolfenoot 2019, there are a lot of things in my head that I’d love to get into the real world – your support here makes it so much easier for me to make those things a reality.

I try to give Patrons occasional perks and exclusive content when I can. I am just so crazy grateful to every single person who supports us there. For a single dollar a month, you can become part of that support. ❤ Please consider it.

Become a Patron now.

So what’s in the pipeline….?

I have several things I am thinking about in relation to Wolfenoot. I’ve spoken before about how we’ll be looking at doing a big fundraising drive in the two months leading up to Wolfenoot. The Golden Paw recipients each get to pick an organisation, so we will have 6 organisations around the world that will benefit from whatever we raise.

I am going to create a Wolfenoot calendar for 2020 that will go towards this fund-raising, and I have a bunch of new merch in the wings. I’m also looking at starting Twitch streaming with some regularity, but I am still working out what that will look like. I’m also trying to prep myself for the fact that the closer we get to Wolfenoot 2019, the more people are likely to discover it. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure what to expect. I guess we shall ride this comet together!

I have so many book ideas too! But books take a lot of time and energy, so I suspect it may be a while before the next one is ready. I would love to create a Wolfenoot recipe book – I have never made a cookbook, and it has been on my publisher bucketlist for years! But I fear I may have to pace myself. I am, after all, just one human WolfMom.


Finally, once again, I just want to thank every single person who has come on this journey with us. It has been so crazy and magical and humbling, and a lot of the time I still find it hard to believe it is real. I have such great, grand plans for this thing, my darlings! I cannot wait to make it even more amazing, with the help of this astonishing community. I love you all. ❤

Wanna buy Jax a coffee?

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