The Golden Paw Recipients

Finally announcing the Golden Paw recipients for April and May.


April’s recipient is Chloe De La Harpe. Here’s what Chloe’s nominee said about her:

Chloe is a primary school librarian (and dog lover) in Cape Town. She started an amazing project a few years ago at an animal shelter in Hout Bay, DARG, where once a week she takes kids who otherwise have little exposure both to reading at home and to pets, to read aloud to the shelter dogs and cats. The animals love (and need!) the attention, and the kids get to practice reading aloud to a totally non-judgmental, adorable audience while also connecting with the animals. She’s passionate about reading, stories, kids, and animals and has been doing this for years with minimal support, and really deserves some love and recognition to flow her way. You can check out some pictures on Instagram at @story_tails.

Chloe no longer runs Story Tails, but she has nominated The Underdog Project to her chosen charity for this year’s Wolfenoot.


May’s recipient is Abbey van der Plas. Here’s what Abbey’s nominee said about her:

Abbey van der Plas started Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue 4 years ago, they do amazing work rescuing, fostering, and rehoming bully babies from all over the country. Their dedication and hard work has saved the lives of so many dogs who would have taken the Long Walk at the pound, and they work tirelessly to educate people, and change the image of these sweet, loveable dogs.

Abbey has nominated Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue as her chosen charity for this year’s Wolfenoot.


These are the first TWO of what will eventually be SEVEN charities around the world for which we will do a big funding drive in October and November leading up to Wolfenoot. I am hoping to do an online charity auction as part of this, so if you have anything you’d be willing to donate to such a thing, please get in touch and let me know.

1 thought on “The Golden Paw Recipients

  1. I love this so much. Wolfenoot is what I think about to remind myself about the good in the world.

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