The Little Adoption Shop

Our Golden Paw recipient for June was Chris Barden of The Little Adoption Shop.

This is what the person who nominated him had to say:

Chris Barden rescues countless dogs, many from death in the meat trade in China. He cares for almost 700 dogs and yet still took time to search for Gobi, a little dog that a long distance runner rescued, and was trying to get to Scotland. A must read,” Finding Gobi”. He has had to move the dogs countless times due to rezoning and red tape, and yet he still manages to adopt out dogs, and get them safely to other countries.

A truly dedicated hero.

The Little Adoption Shop will be the third of six organisations that benefit from our pre-Wolfenoot charity drive in October and November. The fourth has been chosen – I am just waiting on confirmation from the person involved. The fifth and sixth are still up for grabs.

Nominate your doggie/wolfie heroes here.

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