Howling Woods Farm

Our Golden Paw recipient for July was Mike Hodanish of Howling Woods Farm.

This is what the person who nominated him had to say:

This man has been a great friend to both man and wolf/wolf dogs for years. He started small and grew to what he is now. He has helped many misdiagnosed animals to get loving homes. He has saved many wolves/dogs with behavior training, educational tours and one on one experiences.

When I first walked into the farm and met the wolf dogs I was immediately in love and learned a lot about their plight in this world.
These poor creatures don’t really have a place.
They are being exploited by people who want a wolf or wolf dog, then they realize the couch is being destroyed and they end up being killed.

Mike Hodanish and Howling Woods Farm try to save them and get them a loving home.

Howling Woods Farm will be the fourth of six organisations that benefit from our pre-Wolfenoot charity drive in October and November. The fifth and sixth are still up for grabs, but will be chosen very soon.

Nominate your doggie/wolfie heroes here.

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