Let’s make some money for puppies and wolves!

Good morning, Wolfenati!

I have been alluding for a while to a big fund raising drive in the lead up to Wolfenoot this year. We currently have four of the six Golden Paw organisations that will be recipients of these funds. The other two will be decided in the next month or so. If you have an organisation or individual you would like to nominate, please fill in this form.

I think it is time I shared some of my plans with you.

Wolfenoot Charity Auction

I would like to collect some lovely items that we can auction off to raise money for these organisations. I will be throwing in a few items of my own, but if you have anything at all that you would be willing to donate to this cause, I would love to hear about it. My preference is for things you have made or been involved in making – art, jewelry, books, etc.

If you have something of this nature, please let me know.

Wolfenoot Electronic Bundle

We will be creating an electronic bundle that will (at the moment) include:

  • A pdf version of The Wolfenoot Story.
  • A Wolfenoot themed D&D adventure created by @N3rdM3tal
  • Some desktop and mobile backgrounds, featuring Wolfenoot Art.

If you have anything you think would be good to add to this, please let me know!

I have a couple of other things up my sleeve, but I need to confirm some stuff before I announce them. 😉

As always, thanks for coming on this journey with us. Let’s make Wolfenoot 2019 a major force for good!

If you’re not already, please join us in the social media world.

The Official Facebook Event

Our Facebook Page

The Official Wolfenoot Facebook Group

Official Wolfenoot Twitter

Support us on Patreon

Buy Wolfmom a coffee. 😉

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