The 2019 Charity Drive

My darlings!

Wolfenoot is just over a month away, and we are already raising money for wolves and dogs with wild abandon!

A lot of people are not aware of all the ways you can support us, so here is a handy list! Every single thing on this list in some way benefits organisations and charities that work with dogs and wolves around the world.

The Wolfenoot Charity Auction

The Wolfenoot Charity Auction runs through the Wolfenoot season, and ends on Wolfenoot itself. Over the last year, we had a number of organisations nominated by Wolfenati around the world. We picked six of them, scattered across the globe. The proceeds from this auction will be split between these six organisations.

There is a huge selection of cool stuff there to bid on, and I am always adding more, so keep checking back!

The Wolfenoot 2020 Calendar

Preorders are open for the Wolfenoot 2020 Calendar. I created this with the help of artists and designers in the community. I’ll be printing and distributing it once preorders close, and there will be NO OTHER WAY TO GET IT. So if you want one of these fantastic things, you really do need to preorder it now.

Note that prices are in New Zealand dollars. Pledgeme is a NZ crowdfunding platform with whom I have worked closely on a number of campaigns. You may not have heard of them if you’re not in NZ, but they have been nothing but professional and wonderful in all my dealings with them.

The Wolfenoot RedBubble Store

If you’re new to all things Wolfenooty, you may not be aware that we have a Redbubble store full of nifty Wolfenoot merch, all of which benefits charities and organisations chosen by the artists who helped with the designs.

It has everything Redbubble makes, pretty much, which is a wide selection of items from shirts and jumpers to stickers and cards to mugs.

I have plans to add a few designs to it during this Wolfenoot season, so it’s worth keeping an eye on too.

The Wolfenoot Patreon

We have a Patreon! You can get some neat things from us there and we have a few new things up our sleeves that will be exclusive for Patrons soon!

If you are wanting to support me and my family and the work we do with Wolfenoot, this is the best way to do this. It basically lets you help pay my “salary”, since the vast majority of money we make through merch etc goes straight to other organisations. Every dollar counts – I have a lot of $1-$3 patrons, and you would be amazed how that adds up. <3 I am deeply grateful to the people who support me this way month after month, as they literally make it possible for me to keep doing this.

If you don’t want to or cannot commit to a monthly amount, you can also “buy me a coffee” at my ko-fi account.

The Wolfenoot Story

You can buy The Wolfenoot Story as a book at The Patchwork Raven website. There are a number of options depending where in the world you are. Plus there is a fancy Deluxe Limited Edition version of which we still have a box or so. šŸ˜‰

Or, if it’s a bit steep for your budget, you can scroll down to our footer on the main Wolfenoot webpage, where you can grab the pdf for a “Pay what you want” amount. (Minimum of $1.)

As always thank you so much to every single person who has come on board with this thing and makes it possible for us to keep turning this into a force for good and wonder and kindness and joy in the world.

I love you all so much.


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