Wolfenoot Week

It is Monday morning in New Zealand! Wolfenoot is on Saturday!

This last couple of weeks has been insane. The snowball of Wolfenoot has definitely been in effect. All my online places have been getting a lot of attention. My FB messages and Twitter DMs are out of control again. (If you’ve sent me something, I will get to you, I promise, I just can’t keep up right now.)

Wolfenoot Central crossed the 16k members line last night. I remember being excited about 4k! Both my personal and my Wolfenoot Twitter accounts have a constant stream of new followers.

Honestly, I am still not used to all this. It’s a bit bizarre. But you’re here, and we have a week, so let’s see what we can still do.


Someone in Wolfenoot Central suggested this as a term for the good things humans do during Wolfenoot season, and I love it. I wish I could find the post again to find out who they were, but I haven’t succeeded. Whoever you are, you are going down in Wolfenoot history! Identify yourself! 😉

Things you can do:

Bid on the auction! We’re currently sitting at $1626.50. I’d love to cross that 2k threshold. 🙂

Buy a calendar! This is the ONLY way to get this calendar. It is very beautiful. All proceeds will get thrown in the pot with the auction proceeds.

Get some official merch. 100% of profits from all our merch go to charities chosen by the artists who created the designs.

Buy the book! You can get a standard paperback, a deluxe hardcopy (though those will eventually run out) or scroll down on our home page and pay what you want for the pdf version.

Become a patron! Our patreon supports the work I do, allows me to keep doing it, pays our admin costs, and allows us to keep all our merch 100% charitable.

Spread the word! Make sure everyone you know is in the official wolfenoot pack, and not unwittingly following one of the imposter sites that pop up at this time of year to con people out of their money with their merch which definitely isn’t supporting charities. (If you’re not sure, I have asked people to link to us and donate part proceeds to a an appropriate charity of their choice. If they are doing these two things, they’re totally cool.)

Buy the Wolfmum a Ko-fi. This time of year is very full on for me. That means that, financially, I am unable to take on editing gigs for a few months. Any support is much appreciated.

We have a sweepstakes raffle running on facebook! You can enter for a dollar. 🙂 All proceeds get thrown in the money pile for our charities.

Donate to your local shelters. Donate money, or items they need, or time.

Be kind. To animals, to children, to each other. Kindness goes a long way. <3

Five days till Wolfenoot! What are you doing to prepare?

Image credit: Enamel pins made by @Dannavision

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  1. I’m doing a giveaway with more of my 31 totes for those who donate blankets to our animal shelter!

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