Wolfenoot 2020

Good morning, my darling pack! 

It’s almost August which means we’re starting to ramp up for Wolfenoot season!! 

I have some things up my sleeve, but I am starting with the ones we started last year, as they are familiar to people and I already know how to do them. 😉 

We will be running another Charity Auction this year, but we need items for it! If you have anything you’d like contribute to this year’s auction,  please get in touch and let me know!

We’re also working on putting together another an official Wolfenoot calendar for 2021. All proceeds from this will be thrown into our charity drive pot to be distributed between the chosen charities. If you have a piece of Wolfenoot related art you’d be willing to let us use in the calendar, please get in touch!  

If there is an animal or child-related charity you’d like to nominate to be a recipient of our 2020 fund raising drive, you can nominate them now. We will be selecting five organisations from those nominated, and dividing the proceeds from the auction and the calendar between them.

If you want a copy of The Wolfenoot Story for your Wolfenoot celebration this year, I recommend ordering it sooner rather than later, due to the current international shipping situation. 

If you have any ideas for what else we could do this year, please do let me know!

Finally, if you’d like to support us and be the first to know about anything new, as well as earning some nifty patron only rewards (including exclusive “Official Wolfenoot Supporter” merch, and postcards from us drawn by the wolfkid), please become a patron!

I’m excited about this season! Are you excited? 


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