It’s Wolfenoot Season!

My loves!

It is Wolfenoot Season! Let the howling begin!
Let the giving to creatures and the humans who help them commence!

Last year I was asked when Wolfenoot Season officially begins, and I decided that the logical starting point was the anniversary of the FB post and then Tweet that went viral and brought it to all your attention. That’s tomorrow, the 28th September. It turns out that was unwittingly smart of me, as, when it started to hit people’s “memories” it took off all over again. I anticipate it’ll do that every year to some degree. 🙂

If you’re new here, we use Wolfenoot Season to run a Charity Drive which benefits the organisations we have chosen to be our “Golden Paw” recipients each year. This came about from the Kid informing me that he thought it would be cool if the Spirit of the Wolf left a Golden Pawprint in the homes of anyone who had spent that year being ESPECIALLY good to dogs, wolves, and other animals. I took that idea and used it to create The Golden Paw, which allows us to pick five different organisations around the world each year and send them what we raise during this Charity Drive.

We ask our community to nominate organisations that work with animals, children, or conservation, and then pick five out of the nominations. This is no easy task. There are so many deserving organisations out there.

I am thrilled to announce this year’s Golden Paw recipients are:

  • LAPA (UK)
    LAPA was founded by Natalia Chumak in early 2013. They are a small charity run by a team of dedicated volunteers. There is a lot of animal suffering in Russia: cruelty, neglect, disease and harsh weather conditions. LAPA focus their efforts on cats and dogs. There are millions of strays and abandoned pets in Russia whose future is bleak.
    Through Shelter Support, Veterinary Treatment and Rehoming Programmes they help those who need help right now. They also work on preventing animal suffering in the future through a Neutering Programme and through an Educational Programme for children.
    They work in a number of relatively small areas in Central Russia where they have established good contacts over the years.
  • Together We Rise (USA)
    Together We Rise is a 501(c)3 non-profit organisation comprising motivated young adults and former foster youth. Their vision is to improve the lives of children in foster care, who often find themselves forgotten and neglected by the public. They collaborate with individuals, companies, and community partners to bring resources to foster youth and use service-learning activities to educate volunteers on issues surrounding the foster care system.
  • Sedgefield Animal Matters (South Africa)
    SAM is a registered Non Profit Organisation of volunteers dedicated to improving the lives of animals in their community. Their main drive is to reduce pet overpopulation with the assistance of their local vets’ sterilization programs.
    By involving and educating the local community, S.A.M. is working to raise awareness of homeless, abused and abandoned animals, promoting respect and compassion for all creatures.
  • In Harmony With Nature (USA)
    In Harmony With Nature Animal Haven (IHWN, Inc) originally began as a bird and reptile refuge. After some time, other animals started finding their way to the sanctuary and the mission of the organisation had to change. They strive to work closely with nature. They use natural and holistic methods of care as often as possible. All animals are cared for with their mental and physical well being in mind.
    They open their doors to any animal that they have the ability to care for and that may mean for the lifetime of that animal. They work hard to find forever homes for those that come to them ready to move on. They have wolves, wolfdogs, dogs, cats, parrots, reptiles and pigs in their care.
  • The Animal Sanctuary (NZ)
    The Sanctuary is an animal refuge run by Shawn Bishop and Michael Dixon in Matakana, New Zealand. We provide a safe haven for abused and neglected animals, and care for injured or orphaned native birds. A charitable trust has been established for this purpose.

We are so excited to work with these amazing organisations this year and hopefully raise a bunch of money to help them in their work. That’s where YOU all come in. There are a number of ways you can support this endeavour.

The Charity Auction

Our Charity Auction items are loaded up and ready to go. The auction is running out of the Sparabel Productions Marketplace this year, as we have managed to find a way to run it automatically, so I won’t have to manage it manually like I did last year. This is WAY better for you and for me, as it means a lot less human error. 🙂

Go and browse the auction now!

We will be constantly adding items as they are donated, so keep checking back!

If you have anything at all you’d like to donate to the auction, you still can!

Just email me and let me know!

The Calendar

I am still in the process of putting the Calendar together. I’m still looking for art or photographs for that, so, again, if you have something you’d like to send my way to help out with this, I’d be very grateful.

Email me for more info.

The 2021 calendar is available for preorder on our Marketplace over at Sparabel Productions.

Level1 Gamers’ Wolfenoot Mug

We have partnered with the amazing Level1 Gamers and they have created a limited time only Wolfenoot 2020 mug, all proceeds of which will be added to our Charity Fund and divided between our five organisations above.

As someone who has a Level1Gamers mug, I can assure you that the quality of these mugs is wonderful! And Lisa’s artwork is bloody gorgeous, especially for those of us with a TableTop Gaming habit. 😉

If you are in North America, you can purchase it directly from the L1G Etsy shop.

If you’re in NZ/Aus, you can get it from our marketplace, shipped from NZ.

If you’re somewhere else, I am afraid you are probably going to be hit with shipping either way, but feel free to compare and pick the one that suits you best.

Glassroom26 Wolfenoot Ornament

Glassroom26, who made our very first Wolfenoot ornament, has created another one!

Celebrate Wolfenoot in 2020 with this handmade ornament from the makers at Glassroom26. This three-inch mirrored ornament is backed in black velvet as a sign of solidarity for our brothers and sisters experiencing racial injustice around the world. A purple ribbon, chosen by the wolf kid himself, finishes off this ornament for hanging on your tree or anywhere you need a visual reminder of the spirit of the wolf. Share all the snoot boops with your loved ones this holiday season.

Buy it in our shop!

Please allow up to three weeks for this handmade product to ship. 

To see more original designs by Glassroom26, visit their shop.

More to come…

This isn’t remotely all we have up our collective wolfy sleeves! Make sure you don’t miss anything by:

As always, we love you all so much!

If you got all the way to the bottom of this post, I salute you and howl in your honour!!

Let’s do this thing!

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