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My loves!

There are 20k of you in our official Facebook Group and 13k who like the official Facebook page! Our Twitter account has roughly 3k followers. Can you believe that? I struggle to do so.

Two years ago when this thing took off I was mostly just hanging on to the tail of a comet doing my best to direct it so that it became something good. Now we spend three months of the year raising money for charities and we’ve made a book, and the kidlet is scheming a second one. But I am not done yet.

I have so many ideas for things to do with this. I want to create a vet-help fund that people on low incomes can apply to for help with their veterinary fees. I want to do more, create more, be more.

Ultimately, our big pipe dream is to buy a piece of land somewhere here in the Waikato and create a Wolfenoot animal sanctuary coupled with a program for kids. We want to have a working workshop that kids can come to and learn maker skills. We want to have a piece of native bush that people can visit and come walk our rescued dogs. We want a kitchen garden and a cafe. We want to be able to rescue animals and give them somewhere safe to grow old.

All of this though takes money, and since we give away pretty much everything we get from merch, the only way we can make this happen is by enlisting all of you to join our support team.

You can help us for one dollar a month. If all of you joined us, I could literally quit my day job and do this full time. I could squirrel away the overflow and put it towards making these things a reality.

Imagine, someday, when Covid is over and you can all travel to New Zealand again, you could come and visit the official Wolfenoot sanctuary, and know that you were a part of what made it possible! Be part of the magic!

To encourage you to join us, I’m going to give away TWO Wolfenoot hampers at the end of the Wolfenoot season. One will be drawn from ALL our official supporters and one will be drawn ONLY from the people who joined this season (ie, from the 27th September 2020). To enter, become an official supporter and then comment below and tell me what it is about Wolfenoot that you love most.

Please, please, help us make these big Wolfenoot dreams a reality, and be part of Wolfenoot history. ❤

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