Merch Hype! Enamel 2020 Wolfenoot Pins

We have had the honour of working with Danna Feintuch on some Wolfenoot 2020 enamel pins! Look at these beauties! She has created a beautiful unique design, with just the smallest bit of spookiness in honour of the Wolfkid’s penchant for all things scary.

We’re funding these through Pledgeme (which is kind of like New Zealand’s Kickstarter) just because we need to sell a certain number of them in order to make production worthwhile. I have worked with Pledgeme a number of times, and they are amazingly cool, professional, helpful folks.

These will be a limited run, so the ONLY way to procure one for yourself is through this campaign. The campaign runs till Wolfenoot itself (23rd November) and ALL profits go straight into our Charity Drive fund to be redistributed to our five Golden Paw organisations this year.

Help some animals and kids, and get a beautiful memento of Wolfenoot 2020 at the same time. Remember, I can only go ahead with this if at least pins get sold, so get in there, folks!

Order yours here now!


4 thoughts on “Merch Hype! Enamel 2020 Wolfenoot Pins

  1. It won’t let me order this, it won’t accept my address as valid.


    1. Hi! Some non-NZers are having issues with the ‘suburb’ section, I think? If that’s your problem too, just repeat your City name in that field. 🙂 Hope that helps!


      1. Zachary Shepard 4 February 2021 — 3:22 am

        Hi will you be doing merchandise for this year?


      2. Hi! We definitely will! I haven’t thought too deeply yet about what it’ll look like, but there will be something. 🙂 Thanks!


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