About Wolfenoot

Wolfenoot was created by my 7 year old son. I thought, “What a cool idea” and posted about it on Facebook, as I do many of his cool ideas. A couple of my friends asked me to make it public. It exploded. I made an event at a request. Then I tweeted about it and everything went crazy.

This was my original post:

My son has invented a holiday called Wolfenoot.

It is when the Spirit of the Wolf brings and hides small gifts around the house for everyone. People who have, have had, or are kind to dogs get better gifts than anyone else.

You eat roast meat (because wolves eat meat) and cake decorated like a full moon.

A holiday to the spirit of wolves that celebrates people who are kind to dogs? I can 100% get behind this. So we will be celebrating Wolfenoot. It’s on the 23rd November if anyone else is moved to celebrate it. 😉 If you do, please post pics, so he can see how his idea has spread.

If you’re posting publicly about it, use #wolfenoot.

If you’re a new fan, welcome to the Wolfenati. 😉

Take a look at our news feed to see some of what has happened.


A complete list of Wolfenoot related linkage.

Official website: www.wolfenoot.com
Official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/wolfenootmom
Official Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/wolfenootcentral
Official Twitter: @realwolfenoot

Wolfeloot (Sanctioned merch) complete list here: www.wolfenoot.com/wolfeloot
Wolfenati Wares (https://www.facebook.com/groups/283553152258791/) is also legit, and run by someone I trust. (If you want to create wolfenoot stuff for sale/charity fundraising, that’s the place to start, please.)
Our extended Wolfeloot includes anything I know about that’s following the guidelines I set (which are pretty simple – give some of the proceeds to charity and link back to here).

We have a podcast here: https://wolfenoot.podbean.com
The Kid and I answer questions and talk about all things Wolfenootish.

Other internet corners:
Discord: (I am in this Discord, but I don’t run it.) 
Reddit: (I don’t Reddit, but this is run by someone with whom I am in contact.)

If you want to support us in turning this into a non-profit, you can do so at www.patreon.com/wolfenootmom.
I would love, eventually, to be able to run Wolfenoot like a fully fledged non-profit organisation. I have started making moves towards this, but it all costs time and money. By supporting the Patreon, you are supporting the work that I do towards this goal.
If you’d just like to thank me for the time and energy I pour into this thing, you can buy me a coffee. 😉 ko-fi.com/jaxgoss

If you need/want to get hold of me, please use wolfenootofficial@gmail.com or the contact form on this website.
If you want to send something, you can send it to: PO Box 265, Hamilton, 3240, New Zealand.
Anything else is very likely to be missed, though I am doing the best I can.

Also, please read the FAQs before sending me questions: https://wolfenoot.com/wolfenoot-faq/

Thank you beautiful Wolfenati.

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