The Wolfenoot Charity Auction


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Items available for auction

See below for more details on each item.

Please note:

  • Your bid will not show up immediately. The items will be updated at least once a day with the highest bid, and the name of the person currently in the lead. If you do NOT want your name on it, please make a note of that in your bidding form.
  • Shipping is NOT INCLUDED IN YOUR BID. If you win an item, be prepared to pay shipping on top of the amount you bid. Shipping will be arranged on a case by case basis.

Ukrainian Easter Eggs

Current bid: US$50 – Sonjia Leyv

These are called Pysanky or Ukrainian Easter eggs. This is an art form that is done using dyes and wax on real eggs. They are typically chicken eggs but ostrich, goose, and duck can be used. These eggs are usually given to protect the home and bring good luck. Each symbol and color has a meaning. This is a tedious art involving hot wax drawn on the egg for each color in a process similar to batick. Learning this craft is usually passed from mother to daughter. Robin Seremba has been doing these since 1970.

Patchwork Raven Back Catalogue

Current bid: US$100- Robert Chiwolf Dean

All four books from the Patchwork Raven back catalogue. Includes

  • Twelve Days, an artbook containing twelve stories inspired by the twelve items in the children’s song;
  • Allusion of Innocence, an anthology of stories featuring a range of precocious children, from the creepy to the hilarious;
  • Eeny Meeny Miney Mo: Tales for Tired Tykes, a beautifully illustrated book of bedtime stories to read with your own tiny tired tykes; and
  • The Wolfenoot Story, the tale of the origins of Wolfenoot as told by the Wolfenoot Kid himself.

Deluxe Wolfenoot Story Package

Current Bid: US$500 – Denise Harwell

A copy of the Deluxe Wolfenoot Story Package – a limited edition, numbered hardcopy version of the book, signed by the Kid and the Wolfenoot Mom, along with a personalised letter from The Wolfenoot Mom, and maybe a few other goodies thrown in.

Spooky Sam – Vicki Oates

Current Bid: US$25 – Jennifer Courtney

“Spooky Sam” is an 8×8″ acrylic on canvas. It was part of a show called Trick or Treat: The lighter side of the Dark.
Vicki Oates has been an artist of one kind or another (painting, photography, music…) her whole life,but took a long break from painting in order to front bands and generally have fun. She came back to it in 2012, when she went to the south of France and found herself in the Cezanne Museum in Aix en Provence a little after midnight, and rather tipsy. Realizing that she was alone in a room full of Cezanne’s work, she reached out and touched one of them and immediately knew that she HAD to paint again. Her first solo show was a year later.

Captured Beads Bracelet – Fallen Paladin Crafts

Current Bid: US$40 – Kelly Newhouse

Chainmail bracelet – captured beads style. Blue beads. Created by Fallen Paladin Crafts.

Chainmail Bracelet – Fallen Paladin Crafts

Current Bid: US$60 – Sarah Marruffo

Chainmail bracelet. Purple and Silver. Created by Fallen Paladin Crafts.

Custom Acrylic Pour Paintings – Sara Jeffers

10 Available
5 x 8″x 11″: Current bids:
US$20 – Steff Savage
US$20 – Denise Harwell
US$20 – Amber Kintz
US$10 – Ayla Butler
US$10 – Bryn

5 x 11″x 17″: Current bids:
US$20 – Bryan Bourgeois
US$20 – Dylan Spriggs
US$15 – Bryn
US$12 – Danielle Scott
US$10 – Mike Nestick

Custom acrylic pour paintings by Sara Jeffers. Note that the image is an example only. Each painting will be made especially for the recipient, and Sara will have a conversation with you about colour preferences and so forth to make sure that what you get is to your taste.

Intuitive Reading – Theresa Ulfa

Current Bid: US$70 – Sabrina

Theresa has been working as an intuitive and healer for over a decade. Her readings focus on finding the gifts and potential in past, present or future circumstances. Many people feel peace, clarity and inspiration through her insight. More information is available at

Tree of Life – Gemstones

Current bid: US$60 – Rick Tabb

Tree of life pendant created by Rose Dellinger. 3 inches in diameter.  This one is made with gem stones.  Tiger’s eye, white opal, carnelian, and orange stripe agate.

Tree of life – Glass beads

Current bid: US$30 – Shannon Williams

Tree of life pendant created by Rose Dellinger. 3 inches in diameter. This one is made with blue and white glass beads.

Tree of Life – Plastic beads

Current bid: US$75 – Emily Miller

Tree of life pendant created by Rose Dellinger. 3 inches in diameter. This one is made with multi colored plastic beads, mini plastic pearls, white glass beads, purple glass beads and one red plastic bead.

Set of three handmade wolf/full moon soaps

Current Bid: US$100 – Robbie Bourget

Set of 3 handmade soaps with wolf and full moon design on them- can be made custom to your color and scent preference (within reason/ capability). By Nest of the Magpie.

MURTLAP pin – @ckhb12pins

Current bid: US$40 – Karen Riegle

For fans of the wizarding world’s Fantastic Beasts, we have a MURTLAP up for adoption!  This is a hard enamel pin measuring 1.5” and with two backing pins.  Valued at $12 but I will add in more treats if the bidding goes over that… Bring home one more snoot to boop! @ckhb12pins

Personalised 31 Brand Totebag – Angela Dobbins

Current bid – $US125 – Susan Riggs

Personalised 31 brand totebag.  The color is charcoal crosshatch. Donated by Angela Dobbins.

Pitbull art – Tobias Gurl/Luxury Bones

Current bid US$50 – Rosemary Wetzel

A cute little pittie puppy, because pitties don’t get enough love. The dimensions are 8″x10″, and it’s ink on matte board. Donated by Tobias Gurl at Luxury Bones.

Briar Necklace – Sara Glassman

Current bid: US$90 – Cheryl Lowman

The necklace is called Briar. It’s inspired by the character Briar Moss from Tamora Pierce’s Magic Circle series. It’s made of crocheted wire, semiprecious stones and acrylic leaves. Briar is a green mage and the necklace is designed to reflect his affinity with plants.  Created and donated by Sara Glassman at Medusa’s Mirror.

Westie Warrior by Frank K. Behrens

Current bid: US$55 – Bridget J Dunford

This is a Dark Sword miniature.  It is 28mm in scale, it’s white metal painted with acrylic paints.

Wolfenoot pin by Dannavision

Current bid – US$40 – Sandra Cunnea

The pin is a soft enamel pin measuring 1.25” with a metal backing. The logo was designed by Danna Feintuch. My Etsy store and Instagram page are both called : Dannavision.

Howling wolf print – Amie (Dellinger) Hayes

Current bids:
Purple: $US50 – Brian Henderson
Black: $US30 – Terri Swearengin
Blue: $US40 – Katie French
Green: $US30 – Mark Hopkins

Bid on this:
Purple ; Black ; Blue ; Green

Just in time for Wolfenoot! Four available prints, one in each colour. Each one is an 8.5″x 11″ print of howling wolf in black and white.  Original piece done on scratchboard. Artist is Amie (Dellinger) Hayes.

Sugar Skull Paperweight – Kendra Harrell

Current bid: US$15 – Mariana Ovalie

This skull measures approximately 3″ x 3″ x 3.5″. It is a stained glass mosaic done on a plaster base, and grouted with white grout. The fabric craft flowers are glued into the eyes. It has foam on the bottom to prevent scuffing and scraping. By RedPlanetCrafts.

Kong Keychain

Minimum bid: $5

Kong have kindly donated 50 of these keychains for our auction. If you’d like one, drop a bid of $5 or more. I will NOT be listing bidders for this one, due to the volume, but I will edit the minimum bid to reflect the current lowest (of 50) bid (ie: what you have to bid at any given time to get one).

NOTE: These are KEYCHAINS not dog toys, and are not designed to be the latter. 🙂

Wolf and Moon Painting – Emma Howell

Current bid: US$55 – Haley Perry

This is an A3 Acrylic on canvas board, created by Emma Howell from Emporium. Would you like it in your home?

Coffee with the WolfMum – in person

Current bid – US$25 Linda Okland

Would you like to hang out with the WolfMum over a coffee? You must be in (or able to get to) Hamilton, NZ for this one, please. We can meet up at one of the many wonderful coffee spots in the Tron – or maybe even at the Zoo! Sit down and have a bit of a natter over a cup of something delicious. Your drink is on me. <3

Coffee with the WolfMum – online

Current bid: US$25 – Carrie Sawyer

You’d like to hang out with the WolfMum, but travelling all the way to New Zealand is a bit much? That’s all good. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we can hang out together in the comfort of our own homes, via Skype! We’ll set up a skype coffee date and have a natter. You’ll have to arrange your own drink for this one though. 😉

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