The Original Wolfenoot Design

The Original Wolfenoot Design, created by Megan Winters. All proceeds from this collection go to Wolf Park

When Wolfenoot first exploded, we ran a competition on social media for the creation of our first merch. This was the winning design, by Megan Winters. She chose Wolf Park as her charitable organisation. All proceeds from this merch go to Wolf Park, for as long as people keep buying it.

Get it on RedBubble.

Get it on CafePress.

#Nohateonlysnootboops Text Design

#Nohate design, created by Jax Goss. All proceeds from this design go to The New Zealand SPCA

At some point in the early days, Jax made a offhand comment about “No hate only snootboops” and it stuck as a tagline. So we put it on tshirts. As you do.


#Nohateonlysnootboops Wolf Head Design

NoHate Wolf Head, designed by Will Thompson. All proceeds go to HUHA, Wellington, NZ.

At some point, Jax thought to herself, “Self,” she thought. “You know many excellent designers. One is one of your dearest friends. Let’s get a proper #nohateonlysnootboops graphic.”

And so it came to pass that she commissioned this from her most excellent dear friend Will Thompson, and let him pick the charitable recipient of the merch.



Waggly Wolfenoot

Waggly Wolfenoot, designed by Eric Daniel Muntz. All proceeds go into our Charity Drive fund each year.

Eric Daniel Muntz created this as a greeting card for us to use in the very first Wolfenoot season.

You can get it on cards:

At Redbubble

At CafePress

Happy Wolfenoot Wolf

Happy Wolfenoot Wolf, designed by Amy White. All proceeds go to Fossil Rim in Texas, USA.

This joyful little wolf was one of our top five entries into our original design contest. The kid really loved it, so we thought it would be a good addition to our Wolfeloot collection.

Amy White kindly gave us permission to use it, and chose Fossil Rim as her organisation of choice.

You can get it on a variety of merch at:


Ask Me About: Wolfenoot

“Ask Me About Wolfenoot” – Designed by Will Thompson. All proceeds go to HUHA, Wellington, NZ.

Someone asked me for “Ask me about Wolfenoot” bumper stickers. So, we provided, not only stickers, but a wide variety of merch with this message.

Redbubble | CafePress (stickers etc) | CafePress (clothing)

Queen Corgi

Queen Corgi, designed by Kody McIntosh. All proceeds go to WIRES, Australia.

This one was the result of me saying silly things while streaming. I was telling a story about Corgis, and the words “I am the Queen, what is your point?” came out of my mouth, and Kody decided it needed to be a shirt.

And so it was. (And various other things too.) All proceeds go to WIRES, as the Aus bushfires are still very much in our thoughts.

Get it on RedBubble.

The Wolfenoot Story

The Wolfenoot Story, by The Wolfenoot Kid, Illustrated by Maria Roshto

There was a lot of demand for the story behind Wolfenoot, as told by the kid. Luckily, the WolfMom is a publisher of books, so making this happen was (relatively) easy.

You can still buy the book from The Patchwork Raven’s website. Make sure you choose the one that matches your shipping option.

You can also get a pdf by scrolling down to the footer on this website.

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