The Wolfenoot Story (preorders)

You are now able to preorder The Wolfenoot Story. This is a picture book created around the Kid’s story about the death of the wolf and how he became the Spirit of the Wolf.
There are FOUR options – please make sure you pick the right one for you.

NOTE: All prices are in NZ dollars.

The image below shows a cover mockup only. The final product will be different! This is intended only to give you an idea, so don’t expect it to be exactly the same, please.

Wolfenoot cover mockup
Where will the money go?
Profits from the book will be split 4 ways.
  • A quarter will go to the artist.
  • A quarter will go into a Future Fund for the Wolfenoot Kid. (He and I will discuss and decide what it is best used on once he is older, and depending how much is in there by then. Probably either education or travel, though, depending on what he ends up wanting to do with his life.)
  • A quarter will go to The Patchwork Raven, as the publisher.
We are hoping to go to print early in the new year, so you won’t get your books before Christmas, I am afraid. But I will get them to you as soon as possible, and will keep you updated on progress. 🙂 At the moment, we are pushing for sending them out in February, but it will depend a bit on printing. 


I have created two stores because, as someone who lives in NZ, I know how sucky that shipping can be. So if you’re in my corner of the Pacific, this is a bit more local for you. (The rest of you can use this link, but it may cost a little more and take a little longer.)

NZ and Aus Wolfeloot

The rest of the world (or if you want more colour and size options), this is for you.

First Official Wolfenoot design: All profit from this merch is going to Wolf Park as nominated by the artist, Megan Winters.


Nohateonlysnootboops: All profit from this merch is going to the Wellington SPCA as nominated by our biggest pledgeme big spender, Christine Jeffries.


Waggly Wolfenoot Greeting Card designed by Eric Muntz. Profit from this will also go to the Wellington SPCA since the Nohatonlysnootboops line isn’t doing quite as well as I thought it would. 😉


Happy Wolf

This is aimed at kids, but I’ve enabled most of the things Redbubble offers, because I know I always get mad when kids get cool stuff and I want it too. 😉 Design by Amy White. Proceeds go to Fossil Rim Wildlife Centre.


We have a Cafepress store now too, just for those products that Redbubble does not offer. Bear with me as I add products to it.

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