Wolfenoot FAQ

How do you pronounce “Wolfenoot”? 

Wolf (soft English W) – a – noot (to rhyme with suit).

Is it always on the 23rd or is it always on the full moon? 

I asked him this one, because I liked the full moon thing, and I was told in no uncertain terms that it has to be the 23rd November because that is the anniversary of “The Great Wolf’s Death”. This origin story is told in The Wolfenoot Story, which is available from The Patchwork Raven (written by the kid, with a bit of help from his editor mom, and illustrated by Maria Roshto).

Can I celebrate if I am a vegetarian? 

Yes, of course! The driving spirit of the thing is the “being kind to animals” bit, not the “eating roast beast” bit. Just adapt the meal to suit your own tastes/needs and go for it!

Can I celebrate if I don’t have a dog? 

Of course! Just be kind to them. Not everyone can have a dog. As long as you have the kindness, that’s all it takes.

Is it okay if I change [one aspect of the thing]?

Honestly? The answer is probably yes. This was literally something my kid just made up. We will certainly do it his way in our household, but, as is the nature with these things, you can make it your own in your own household. I think that as long as you retain the core of being kind to wolves and dogs, everything else can be interpreted as you wish.

Why is it so close to Thanksgiving/Black Friday? 

Total happenstance. We’re in New Zealand, so neither of those things are on my child’s radar.

Can I give gifts to my pets?

Of course!

Can I donate to shelters/wolf sanctuaries/dog based charities? 

Hell yes! I would absolutely LOVE for this to be a driving force for fundraising for these kind of things. There is a list here. It would be bloody marvellous if you could combine your Wolfenoot celebration with giving to these organisations (or any that help/protect animals).

What is the official Wolfenoot greeting?

The kidlet expressed a liking for “Have a howly Wolfenoot”, but honestly you can use what you wish. Be creative! ❤

There are so many Wolfenoot accounts out there! What are the real ones? 
This is the only FB event run by me.
This is the official FB group.
This is the only Wolfenoot twitter run by me.
This is the official Wolfenoot FB page.
This is our Patreon.

Honestly, I don’t mind if people make other groups/events etc as long as a) They are not pretending to be “official” or pretending to be me and b) They are not using this to profit by fooling people into buying things that are not “official”.

I really want to send you and/or your kid and/or your family presents or cards. Is that okay? 

Thank you so much! That is very, very kind of you.
You can send things to:

Jax Goss/Wolfenoot
PO Box 265
New Zealand
I have a pet store/steakhouse/other vaguely related thing and I’d like to do a Wolfenoot promotion. Is that okay? 

Pair it with something charitable to embrace the spirit of the thing and it is totally okay. Give a percentage to your local dog shelter/wolf sanctuary, or one of the many many dog or wolf related charities out there, and I will be on board. ❤

There should be a holiday for cats/lizards/horses/some other animal too! Can you do that? 

I am totally happy for you to celebrate all your animals in whatever way you wish.

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